Yunca Monte - Freestanding

By Yunca
This price is for the fire only. Please complete the enquiry form and one of our expert team will be in touch shortly to discuss additional requirements specific to your home, such as flue kit, accessories and installation. 


Yunca Monte is one of New Zealand’s most loved wood heaters. One thing NZ customers want is not just a wood heater that burns all night long, but is hot in the morning.

The Monte has 10 thermal mass bricks that ensure this heater keeps warm well after the fire has gone out.

The top of the Monte is a true cook top, perfect for simmering away your soup all day.

Available in Australia, it not only has a cook top, but an optional wet back for homes wanting to live off the grid. 

Key Features:

  • Stays warmer for longer.
  • Cook top.
  • Appropriate for homes living off the grid.
  • Free standing - Available with a pedestal, legs or wood store. 
  • Perfect for small to medium homes.