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Why franchise with The Living Space?

The Living Space offers a unique franchise opportunity for passionate entrepreneurs bringing a curated selection of premium, sustainable interior design products, services and expert advice to fulfil their local community needs. With 30 years of experience in retail and the home renovation industry, Michael and Mandy will empower you to create a thriving business catering to the growing demand for eco-conscious homes, building customer relationships and offering advice on the latest eco and economy buying trends. More importantly they inspire customer trust and loyalty.

What are the benefits for you?
Create your vision of building a rewarding career with unlimited potential for significant financial returns, aligning with The Living Space's vision of empowerment and being part of something bigger. Make a difference within your community

Proven business model

Leverage our brand The Living Space, which has been operating as a successful retail and service business for 12 years in Blackheath, Blue Mountains and recently for two years in Orange, Central West NSW. You will benefit from Michael and Mandy’s 30 years of expertise within the retail and hospitality industry as you launch your own thriving business. More than ever in today's environment, home buyers and the home renovators are searching for tailored advice and experts to guide their home renovation projects. More than 60% of new home buyers will renovate their spaces within the first two years of purchase

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Be Your Boss

Deliver your own future in a dynamic industry and build a successful business and lifestyle career for yourself.

Strong Market Demand

Ride the wave of growing consumer demand for sustainable, high-quality home design and renovation. Leverage our carefully curated product and service offerings, backed by years of retail expertise and strong partnerships with leading Australian brands.

Flexibility and growth

Leverage the strong brand recognition and proven business model for immediate success. Each store offers the flexibility to expand services (bolt-ons) and expertise, empowering franchisees to develop their passions and contribute to the local community.

Ongoing Expert Support

We make it easy to get started with comprehensive training, marketing assistance, operational guidance, and regular hands-on support from our experienced team.

Protected territory

Benefit from a protected territory. This means you'll be the sole [your business] franchise within a designated geographical area. This exclusive right allows you to build a strong customer base without facing competition from other franchisees. This provides a solid foundation for long-term growth and profitability

Who are the Franchisors?


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What TLS franchise offers?

Comprehensive Training Program

Gain access to our comprehensive training manual, and your roadmap to Living Space success. Benefit from in-depth knowledge and practical guidance, complemented by personalised coaching from our experienced team, Michael and Mandy.

Marketing & Support

Boost your sales and brand reputation with ongoing marketing guidance from Michael and Mandy. We'll help you create a strong brand identity that resonates with your local customers and use online tools to effectively showcase your products and connect with your audience

Technology & Resources

All Living Space stores will use the same, easy-to-use point-of-sale system, which is managed by the franchise owner. Suppliers will provide regular updates to ensure the system stays current.

Purchasing Power

Michael and Mandy will optimize your purchasing strategy by ensuring all products are sourced through the Living Space network to guarantee the best possible prices and outcomes for your business

Operations Support

Receive ongoing support in key business areas. Benefit from expert guidance on optimizing daily operations, customer engagement and relationships, building and managing your team, and effectively controlling your inventory levels.

Ongoing Mentoring & Advice

We're committed to building a lasting partnership focused on your growth. Our experienced team will provide ongoing mentorship and guidance as you expand your business and achieve your goals.

Franchisee Characteristics

You should have a passion for design and creating beautiful living spaces. You have the confidence to develop your interior design skills and ability to bring your design concepts to life.

You'll need a strong business sense and an entrepreneurial spirit to succeed. A keen eye for market trends in your community is also important.

Exceptional customer service and strong communication skills are vital for building genuine connections within your community. These skills are essential for understanding customer needs, building trust, and creating a loyal customer base.

You should have the ability to leverage your existing skills and experience to actively engage with and grow your business. This could involve using your trade-based knowledge, or any other relevant expertise, to create new opportunities and expand your customer base.

Sufficient financial resources are essential to establish and grow a successful business within your community. Adequate funding is necessary to cover startup costs, purchase inventory, invest in marketing, and manage ongoing operational expenses.

You should demonstrate a genuine passion for connecting with your local community. Your enthusiasm for contributing to the community's well-being should be evident in your store activities

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