Murobond Paint

Murobond’s unique range of water-based paints are internationally renowned for both their quality and wonderfully rich aesthetic finish. Shop online or in store at Blackheath in the Blue Mountains and Orange in the Central West.

At The Living Space, we are incredibly proud to be one of Murobond Paint's preferred paint suppliers here in the Blue Mountains, Orange and the Central West of NSW.  

Murobond is an Australian family company renowned locally and internationally for its unique ranges of superior quality water-based paints.

Murobond strongly focus on three pillars: aesthetics, technology and the environment. As a result, the company is unmatched in its ability to create beautiful interior and exterior paints that offer wonderfully rich, individual finishes and textures.

We have a dedicated Murobond Paint specialist in our team. Let our experienced design team offer technical advice, knowledge and assist you with colour selections. Our paint experts understand that the process of choosing paint should be both enjoyable and simple. That’s why we don’t overwhelm with vast colour charts. Rather, we present carefully edited colour ranges in a selection of quality finishes tailored to specific needs.

Murobond is about making the total paint experience a pure pleasure, from purchase to application, to living in interior and exterior spaces enhanced by our products. we invite you to drop by and experience the stunning beauty of the Murobond Paint selection.

About Murobond

Murobond Paint is a company that believes colour has the power to tell a story, as well as shift a person's mood.

Since it's inception in 1988, the Murobond name has become synonymous with superior quality and unique textures. Taking reference from the earth's natural elements, each paint creates a warm and inviting atmosphere that brings the calm of the outdoors into the indoors. Murobond also have a steadfast commitment to the environment with their low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) water-based paints.

Why we love Murobond

For 32 years, Murobond has been the choice of leading Australian architects, interior designers and stylists, and it is this ongoing professional recognition that also sets Murobond apart. Recent creative collaborations with stylists have culminated in the superb paint collections Mr Jason Grant and The Society Inc. by Sibella Court

Think of starting your slow living journey perhaps with a rejuvenation of a personal space, then imagine that just by painting the space you feel a new beginning, an inner satisfaction that uplifts your mood and feeds the soul. Everything is designed to be as beautiful and have as minimal impact as possible.

This is because we understand the world doesn't need one person living perfectly, rather one billion people making small but effective changes to their buying habits. Starting with how they paint their homes.