Range of Murobond Paints

Murobond PURE acrylic system

Environmentally friendly, PURE is a versatile acrylic system that is easy to use, with no smell, it can comfortably used on most surfaces, interiors and exteriors.

PURE Ceiling Flat

A high opacity premium ceiling paint. Easy to apply with minimal splatter.

PURE Low Sheen

Ideal for broadwall areas, PURE Low Sheen offers a high level of serviceability.

PURE Wall Flat

Ideal for broadwall areas, PURE Wall Flat dries to a wipeable, ultra flat finish.

PURE + Grain

PURE + Grain offers texture with the serviceability of a low sheen.

PURE Aqua Satin

PURE Aqua Satin adds hard wearing satin lustre to a space; ideal for walls, doors, trim and an alternative for broadwall.

PURE Aqua Gloss

PURE Aqua Gloss is ideal for doors and windows and a superb alternative for both broadwall and trim.


Metal Primer

Murobond‘s Metal Primer is an interior / exterior single component acrylic based anti corrosive primer built with red iron oxide and flash rust inhibitors.

Murobond Primer 

Murobond Primer is an interior and exterior pigmented acrylic primer and undercoat formulated for use over the widest possible range of surfaces, painted or unpainted.

Murobond Sealer and Binder

Murobond Water Based Sealer & Binder is the superior sealer used to penetrate and bind chalky or underbound masonry and other surfaces. An interior/exterior single component coating based on an ultrafine alkali-proof resin suitable for masonry, limewash, cement paint and other underbound surfaces.

Mineral Silicate Primer

Available in 1ltr & 4 ltr Larger sizes are available.

Murolast Elastometric Membrane

Murolast Elastomeric Membrane is a highly advanced formulation developed through extensive research and testing. The flexibilty in Murolast is achieved through the use of naturally flexible resin rather than plasticisers. Murolast forms a highly flexible, waterproof protective skin over the substrate which will expand and contract with the structure without deterioration.

Murolast Matt

Murolast Satin

Murobond Masonry Paints

Mineral Silicate Matt Clear

A single component water based mineral silicate coating that may be applied to strengthen masonry with minimal change to its appearance. With minimal chalking, excellent chemical and UV resistance, and resistance to weathering, Murobond’s Mineral Silicate Matt Clear is suitable for porous exterior structures in masonry, lime and cement renders, concrete, brick and stone surfaces.

Mineral Silicate Paint

A potassium silicate based paint which chemically combines with masonry surfaces to produce an extremely hard , durable and long lasting finish.

Murobond Cement Paint

A durable weather-resistant cement paint that ages and fades with exposure. With rich, moody colours and soft shades that age beautifully to a matt patina, Murobond cement paint is the ultimate combination of aesthetic appeal and longevity. The paints’ exceptionally resilient formula was developed with protection and performance in mind, making Murobond a wonderful way to enhance cement render, bagging, brickwork, or any dimensionally stable surface. Ideal for outdoor walls it can also be used indoors whether the tone is contemporary or traditional. Cement Paint is a factory-tinted product. Please allow 3-5 days to have paint manufactured.

Murobond Washes


A unique finely grained mineral flat paint with subtle colour variation and no streaking. Gorgeous flat colour straight from the tin – that’s the beauty of Murowash. From delicate shades to bold brights, Murowash suits every room and every style of architecture. Murowash offers a finely grained, streak free flat finish with subtle colour variations. This incredibly versatile paint can be used both internally and externally and boasts not just great looks, but a long lasting finish. Increased texture can be achieved by adding additional sand into the mix , creating a subtle bagged. type effect.

Pentimento Lime Wash

Pentimento lime wash creates a rich, velvety, textured finish on both internal and external surfaces. High traffic areas internally can be overcoated with Murobond Clear Acrylic Sealer –providing a surface that can be wiped clean Murobond’s cleverly updated limewash takes the very best of centuries old traditions and adds a dash of modern technology to create a fabulous, rich, textured finish. Its velvety appearance is ideal for softening sleek, ultra modern spaces or injecting new life into an older property. Pentimento limewash gives a subtle, mottled patina and its ability to offer unique and individual results makes it a favourite with decorators and renovators.

​Murobond Rust Paint

Murobond Rust Paint creates an authentic rusted effect on any paintable surface. Experience an instant aged finish on interior and exterior surfaces. When using Murobond Rust Paint, you apply two thick coats of Base (Part 1), one thinner coat of Finish (Part 2) – which starts the rusting, and sometimes 1 or 2 coats of Clear (Part 3).

Base (Part 1)

Finish (Part 2)

Clear (Part 3)

Murobond Woodwash

Woodwash Exterior

an opaque penetrating water based oil. Woodwash Exterior is easy to use, low odour and low VOC. It provides a water repellant finish that is highly UV, mould and mildew resistant while binding the wood fibres together reducing swelling and shrinking which leads to cracking and erosion. Woodwash Exterior is slow drying and is not intended for trafficable surfaces. Where to use : Woodwash Exterior is designed for use on quality exterior timber such as Cedar, Cypress, Oregon, Treated Pine and all Texture Ply and Hardwoods. Larger sizes are available.

 Woodwash Interior

A soft translucent wash reminiscent of Scandinavian limed timber. Woodwash provides a matt finish in a select range of colours. This water based formulation is low odour, non-yellowing and low VOC. Larger sized pots are available to purchaseA soft translucent wash reminiscent of Scandinavian limed timber. Woodwash provides a matt finish in a select range of colours. This water based formulation is low odour, non-yellowing and low VOC. Larger sized pots are available to purchase.

Other paint styles

Aqua Glaze Pearl

A unique water based glaze delivering rich luminous pearlescent colour in a glossy finish. A highly serviceable finish suited to high traffic areas or as a feature wall treatment. Larger sizes are available.


a flexible, water based protective clear finish for interior surfaces. The waxed satin finish of Murothane provides exceptional trafficability with minimal yellowing and easy recoating. Low odour, low toxicity and low VOC, Murothane is formulated for application to many interior surfaces including floors, shelving, counters and furniture. It is directly applied to most timbers, over fully dry Pure Acrylic, Woodwash Interior , Bridge Paint , Pure Chalk and over dry fully cured bare concrete or cement surfaces. Larger sizes are available.

Bridge Paint

a water based micaceous iron oxide paint (MIO). Suitable for interior and exterior surfaces in a sleek range of colours. Larger sizes are available.