About Esse Cookers

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ESSE's stunning hand-built range cookers and stoves have excelled in some of the world's most demanding environments - whether it's the kitchens of the Savoy, the Houses of Parliament in London or some of the harshest conditions in Australia. ESSE continues to build things to LAST.

With a wide range of colours available, guarantee your ESSE will fit seamlessly with the style of your home.

Just like their absolute commitment to cooker quality and performance, ESSE takes great care in carefully selecting the retailers that make up their 'ESSE Specialist' network, of which The Living Space is thrilled to be a part.

ESSE products purchased through The Living Space are automatically covered by a two-year warranty, with a five-year warranty available if you register your warranty with ESSE within one month of installation.

We love welcoming guests into our store and giving them an opportunity to experience the warmth and power of an ESSE stove up close and in person. We can help answer any questions about cooking with your ESSE and guide you through the range of colours and styles to suit your home.

ESSE Cookers - Ironheart + Electric Range

Ever popular and a true kitchen showpiece, ESE cookers are a nostalgic symbol, synonymous with comfort.

ESSE began back in 1854 with a simple mission: to create the cleanest-burning, highest quality stoves and range cookers. Today ESSE products indeed remain some of the cleanest-burning and most efficient appliances available. Built to last, they are the star of the house. Plus, build your ESSE to suit your needs - ESSE have designed a range of cookers, in both wood and electric, that work in perfect harmony.

A true heart stealer

The ESSE Ironheart wood-fired cooking stove range makes a striking statement. The Ironheart, Bakeheart Bakers Oven and the Warmheart, each make the perfect complement to a homely space.

An all-in-one stove and range cooker, the Ironheart combines the very best of ESSE's two main product ranges. Enjoy the calming experience of seeing the heat literally radiating through the enormous, clear glass window. There's something quite captivating about the flames leaping and flickering while the magic takes place.

The Bakeheart offers a stunning interpretations of a traditional bakers' oven

Brimming with features for guaranteed high performance. Rather than a heater with an oven, this serious appliance is a cooker that heats!  With consistent, radiant warmth from mesmerising flames, this is no ordinary cooker... and it's sure to be the beating heart of your kitchen for years to come. 

With its rugged cast-iron and minimalist design, the compact Warmheart is ideal for quaint cottages, and small but mighty spaces. The Warmheart leads the charge in an off-grid environment, making it the perfect choice for a country cottage or bush shack.

Also available are electric options including the 990ELX, 90SEL 13 Amp and the ESSE500.

Designed by chefs

The 990ELX electric range cooker makes commercial-style cooking in the home look easy. Designed by chefs, this cooker is brimming with style and character. With two of ESSE's signature baking ovens PLUS a warming oven, you'll have three serious baking ovens at your fingertips. Equal, perfect heat will be yours to enjoy along with your dinner guests.

Meanwhile the 990ELT electric range cooker is an all-rounder offering the best of both worlds, with its traditional cast iron integrity, and cutting-edge flexibility. Boasting two independently controlled ovens, a slow-cooking oven and a full-width grill, you'll be able to cook up a storm in style, whenever you please.

Also timeless in style and packed with features is the 90SEL 13 Amp, with its two large ovens just waiting to welcome a delectable hot-pot or steaming sourdough. Don't overlook the ESSE 500EL - the perfect match to your ESSE wood stove, giving you a terrific solution for year-round cooking.