Stûv 30 High - Freestanding

By Stuv
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Stûv 30 High is the full-height version of the innovative Stûv 30 fireplace. It has the same patented three-door system and tri-mode heating functionality to ensure maximum enjoyment and efficiency, and an invisible swivel base allowing you to turn the fire to face any direction. The top section also houses heat retention stones, for longer lasting warmth.

The Stûv 30 high also offers three heating functions ensuring maximum efficiency and enjoyment. It has three doors corresponding to three operating modes. The open fire mode evokes memories of an open campfire. The closed fire mode offers greater efficiency and highlights the beautiful flames behind a self-cleaning glass door. The night mode maximises performance and envelops the house with cosy, efficient, long-lasting warmth.

Stûv 30 High has an in-built ash container. Contrary to popular opinion, frequent removal of ash is not necessary with many modern fireplaces. A bed of ash should be left in the combustion chamber, to insulate it and the sole plate from the heat of combustion.

From $12,880

Key Features:

  • Unique three door system
  • Highly efficient
  • Rotates 360°
  • Radiation, convection or idling heating modes
  • Room air independent option available
  • Fitted with heat accumulator module