Stûv 30 Compact - Freestanding



The Stûv 30 compact offers three heating functions ensuring maximum efficiency and enjoyment. It has three doors corresponding to three operating modes. The open fire mode evokes memories of an open campfire. The closed fire mode offers greater efficiency and highlights the beautiful flames behind a self-cleaning glass door. The night mode maximises performance and envelops the house with cosy, efficient, long-lasting warmth

With its compact size, superb performance and refined design, it offers the perfect solution for smaller spaces and passive houses.

BBQ optional accessory

A smart clever optional attachment for your Stûv 30 that comes complete with its inox tray so can you enjoy a mess free BBQ.

Why not let Summer linger on…

From $8,890.00

Key Features

  • Self -cleaning glass door
  • Highly efficient combustion
  • Adjustable heat output
  • 3 combustion modes
  • Built-in ash container
  • Removable handle
  • Available in black or anthracite.
  • Accessories available: BBQ Grill, Mobile Log rack, Mobilobox.