Sophel Hydronic Boiler

This price is for the fire only. Please complete the enquiry form and one of our expert team will be in touch shortly to discuss additional requirements specific to your home, such as flue kit, accessories and installation. 


Seamlessly fitting into any space from a stately drawing room, country homestead or an ultra-modern living area, The Sophel hydronic boiler is designed to provide rich radiant slow combustion heat into the room in which it is installed while delivering gentle even warmth to each room in the home.

Temperatures in each area of the home can be individually regulated and doors can be closed for privacy as the heat source is within each room and heating is not reliant on air flow. 

The standard Sophel has a single acting glass firebox door which opens like any standard heater door to allow for refuelling and tending of the fire. The firebox door is designed with its own air inlets to help the door remain clean and extend the time between cleaning.

As with all Dynamic Series boilers & cookers the Sophel can be successfully employed to provide or supplement the family's domestic hot water requirements, either by way of a special purpose built solar hydronic hot water tank or heat exchanger to convert existing hot water services.

From $6,723.52

Key Features:

  • Heat Output: up to 400m2
  • Heat output of 45kwh.
  • Extended burn times.
  • Ash tray system operable even when Sophel is in operation.
  • Fire poker and multifunction tool provided.
  • Available in Open Fireplace, Two-Sided Unit, or Free Standing.
  • Available with Cooking Crane.
  • Eliminates drafts.
  • Reduces airborne dust.