Dynamic 3500

This price is for the fire only. Please complete the enquiry form and one of our expert team will be in touch shortly to discuss additional requirements specific to your home, such as flue kit, accessories and installation. 


The Dynamic 3500 is versatile, dedicated hydronic heating boiler with cleverly designed waterways and smoke paths to gain the maximum heating from its compact size. The design of this boiler allows it to be heated on all sides to give maximum efficiency and heat output.

The Dynamic 3500 clean lines and glass door are perfectly suited for the living area of any home providing a hydronic heating output of 35kwh and radiant heat of up to 5kwh in the room in which is it located. Central heating is delivered by radiators, heat convectors or under floor piping. There is the added benefit and charm of the magic of the flames through the glass door or enjoy a delicious brew or hot soup from the cooktop.

All WISELIVING heaters, cookers and boilers with hot water heating capability can be successfully combined with efficient, reliable, cost-effective solar hot water Flat Panel or Evacuated Tube systems to provide domestic hot water.

From $6,265.87

Key Features:

  • Heating Capacity: 300-502m2
  • Heat exchange hot water cylinder available.
  • Heat Output: 6kw.
  • Available with solid firebox door and insulated top for a garage or plant room.