Christo Hot Water


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Potentially the highest heat output of any wood heater on the market that also takes care of your family's hot water needs.

The Christo Hot Water has the potential to provide the highest heat output of any wood burning heater and can warm up to 400sqm of living area. The large capacity firebox allows for extended burn time between refuelling.

The Christo has easily accessible air controls on the door and the base of the fire allowing even burning throughout the firebox. The Christo has a removable ashtray to allow for easy removal of ash whilst retaining the benefits of an ash bed heating system.

As with all Dynamic Series boilers and Thermalux cooking products all Christo models can be combined with efficient reliable evacuated tube solar hot water systems and water tanks produced here at WISELIVING Australia.

From $4,520.48

Key Features:

  • Heat Output: 40kwh.
  • Heating Capacity:  up to 400m2.
  • Hydronic System Output:  5, 8 or 20kwh.
  • Thermostatically controlled fan available for Christo models.
  • Control knobs available in Chrome or Black.
  • Removable ashtray.
  • Poker and multipurpose tool provided.