Charnwood Arc 7 - Freestanding

This price is for the fire only. Please complete the enquiry form and one of our expert team will be in touch shortly to discuss additional requirements specific to your home, such as flue kit, accessories and installation. 


With a stunning curved front, tall, elegant glass and a super easy to clean griddle plate firebox, there’s something unique about the Charnwood Arc 7. Made on the Isle of Wight in the United Kingdom, this heater is a stunning example of European design meeting modern wood heating technology. 
The Arc 7 is the ultimate wood heater for any passive home. This heater has the capacity to heat up to 130m², a perfect amount for a standard home. And with extremely low emissions, at just 0.8g, it is an extremely clean burning unit. This is greatly aided by the 70% efficiency, which means you’ll burn a lot less wood than you would with other heaters of its class. And with the option to top or rear flue your unit, and the optional wood storage box, you can find the perfect look for the Arc 7 to fit into your home. 

From $4,690 (Low) and $4,990.00 (Store) 

Key Features: 

  • Two designs – Low or Store. 
  • Top or rear flu. 
  • Outside air standard. 
  • Riddling grate and ashtray. 
  • Convection “cool to touch” sides.