Axis I1000 - Single Sided

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Handmade in the Rhone Alpes region of France, the Axis I1000 Single Sided wood fireplace is the result of true craftsmanship and artisan engineered construction.

Designed to be installed into a custom-built wall without the need for a masonry enclosure, this wood fireplace displays stunning contemporary sleek lines and unsurpassed luxurious comfort.

The fine details and stunning craftmanship from artisan engineers distinguish the Axis I1000IB Single Sided from other wood heaters alike.

Key Features:

  • Available with the AXIS 200mm insert flue kit - 3.6m.
  • Includes zero clearance box and trim.
  • Average Efficiency 66%.
  • Avg Emissions 1.2g/kg.
  • Heating capacity (m2) Up to 15 to 30 Squares.
  • Solid steel firebox with fire bricks.