Window Treatments

Personal touch to your space

Interior design allows us to express who we are through our home and through use of window treatments you have the freedom to add a personal touch to your space.

Window treatments are an opportunity to take the space to another level and they are also an integral part of providing privacy and insulation to a room.

The right window treatment makes the perfect finishing touch in a room. To find the right window treatment for a space consider if it is purely decorative or do you need it to play a role in controlling light, temperature, and privacy. Think about the mood you are trying to create.

Layering window treatment

Layering different window treatments like curtains adds an additional feeling of privacy and intimacy that is as functional as it is romantic and adds an elevated design dimension to the room.

Sustainable materials like the natural fibres of linen and bamboo add a lovely casual look to a room allowing light through and creating a feeling of luxe.

At The Living Space we work with Australian manufacturers to design the perfect window treatments for your space. Whether this be blinds, curtains, shutters, or shades, we have the experience in the trade to allow us to work to your design needs and vision.