Welcome to our website and with it, our first journal entry. It’s an exciting time for us here at The Living Space with the recent opening of our coffee shop in our Orange store, in regional NSW. We had always wanted to welcome the public into our space in this way. We aimed to create a welcoming, relaxed, and inspiring space that, once inside, would make you feel at ease.

The Space
When considering how to plan the space, we wanted to gently merge the showroom for our amazing products and our coffee shop. Initially we focused on the showroom, as a matter of necessity, prioritising the incredible Stuv fireplace and the furniture displays. You may notice the incredible bespoke flooring as soon as you step foot in the door. This technique was chosen to add flare and interest to the large space and often sparks conversation! Daring to be different and following your personal style is something we always encourage in our clients.

After settling into the large space, we turned our attention to the long-anticipated coffee shop. The countertop was made by Mike, designed to be highly functional and gently repurpose the space without intrusive or overbearing cabinetry. By removing the busy overhead shelving and adding extra storage to the lower levels, the coffee shop bench top helps the flow of the shop and leaves the upper area open and bright, creating a cohesive and consistent feel throughout.

The Coffee
It was integral to the project that the coffee shop be run by someone with tons of experience (we specialise in drinking coffee, not making it!) and who has the same ethos as us when it comes to quality and consistency. Enter Frank. Frank is the owner of Nile Street Café, a popular dining destination in Orange, who is as passionate about quality coffee as we are about creative and functional spaces. The perfect team!

We now have the perfect combination of an inspiring interior space, in which our studio and office is run from, and delicious coffee on tap! What more could a design team and their wonderful customers want?

Our Orange store is open from 7:30 am Tuesday to Saturday. Come in and say hi!

April 28, 2023